escorts dominate the internet today

Why escorts dominante the internet

Nowadays, it seems that it doesn’t matter what website you are on, who you are or what search engine you are using, escorts dominate the internet with their adverts and want to generate as much traffic to their websites as possible. A lot of the ladies who have placed these adverts, even show their faces, nowadays. Discretion is starting to seem to be a thing of the past, as more and more adverts, pop-ups and photographs appear of ladies who are offering their services as escorts. 

But why do escorts dominate the internet, or maybe put a little more correct; why have they been allowed to? 

The reason is that escorts are now dominating the internet because of money. You see all of these websites, that allow them to advertise themselves as escorts? Well, the escort is paying them a very good amount of money, for this service. Of course, no one is going to say no to such a nice wad of income every month. Money seems to make everyone’s morals go right out of the window. Therefore, making escorts dominant the internet by being allowed to put themselves more into the eyes of the general internet user. 

Of course, you will also want to note that an escort wants as much income as possible. Those adverts will make her back the money she spends on them and more besides. So, to the escorts, they are an extremely good investment. A lot of people do not know where to look for escorts or that you can even book escorts. So, getting themselves into the public eye, allows more and more people to know that sexual services are offered at a price. Hence why escorts want to dominant the internet. The more they do just that, the more work they receive. It very simple for them really. As they can rely on the website traffic of other websites and peoples hard work, to bring in traffic to their own websites and make money doing so. 

Not many people agree with this and think that it should all be very much underground, discreet and therefore, not in the eyes of the public. Influencing other girls to be in such line of work. What do you think? Do you think it is okay for escorts to dominate the internet? Or, do you think they should be a secret? Let us know your thoughts on the matter!