8 Popular Business During Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is a popular day to commemorate. It’s an opportunity for family and friends to come together, enjoy some delicious food together, and give gifts as tokens of affection or business associates. Many people also use this day as an opportunity to catch up on work or other commitments.

Businesses can take advantage of this holiday to boost sales. Whether it is through discounts or flash sales, consumers are eager to purchase items they will use during the celebration.

1. Advertising

To begin, advertise the event on your website and in print media. Additionally, send an email newsletter with details about the event as well as exclusive discounts. Moreover, consider creating a social media campaign to further promote it.

2. Create Contests

Running contests on creative activities like decorating eggs or taking pictures of the Easter Bunny can inspire creativity among your customers and increase brand awareness. Winners of these competitions can be announced on your social media pages and/or posted onto your website to generate even more interest.

3. Utilizing Polls

One way to boost sales during Easter is by using surveys. Surveys are inexpensive and an excellent way for customers to become involved in your marketing campaigns. You can ask them what they think about certain products or services, or what changes you should make on your website in the future.

4. Integrating Community Events Into Your Business

If your store or office is situated in a small town, why not join or sponsor local Easter events to bring the community together and demonstrate that your business is part of something bigger than just yourself? This type of involvement can foster strong connections between employees, customers and vendors alike.

5. Email Marketing

In spite of customers spending more time on social media, email is still the most efficient way to connect with them. Email marketing is especially useful during holidays when customers can stay informed about promotions and sales you are running.

6. Hide Eggs in Your Store and Encourage Others to Hunt for Them: This is an engaging promotion idea that will draw customers in and keep them coming back. Fill plastic eggs with coupons that allow customers to save money on products they may be interested in purchasing.

7. Offering a Free Prize or Discount: One way to attract customers and generate excitement in your store is by providing them with free products or services when they buy certain items. For instance, if you sell lots of clothing, you could have a “Golden Egg” that gives customers the best deal, free gift card, or other bonus.

8. Hosting a Sale or Flash Sale: Take advantage of Easter weekend by hosting a big sale! During this period, you can offer discounted prices that may not be available other times of the year.

9. Engaging Your Customers: Invitation your customers to participate in a contest with an exciting giveaway prize, like drawing pictures of the Easter Bunny and awarding one lucky winner with a prize! It can make for an enjoyable environment at work!