Different Easter Dishes for Your Family

Your family’s Easter food traditions may dictate which dishes are served at your celebration. No matter what is served, take time to celebrate this holiday with friends and loved ones while sharing a delicious feast.

Crafting Easter dishes for your family is an excellent way to express love and appreciation for each other. These menu ideas are simple enough for anyone to prepare, and guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Easter dinner recipes often call for ham, so be sure to stock up on this delectable holiday treat. However, you can also incorporate other types of meats into your family’s menu; lamb or beef make great alternatives to the traditional ham.

If you’re feeling creative with your meal, why not use fresh ingredients to create a delightful dish that celebrates spring flavors and colors. For instance, this ham recipe uses plum preserves for an irresistibly sweet and savory flavor, then garnish it with tropical fruits like kiwi or pineapple for an extra special touch.

Glazed ham is a traditional Southern dish perfect for Easter, and you can easily make it at home to save money and enjoy the delectable meat.

For this delicious glazed ham, you’ll need a cooked ham, brown sugar and Dijon mustard mixture, apple juice, and other ingredients. After roasting your ham, brush it with this mixture and bake until the meat is golden brown and tender.

If you’re hosting your Easter dinner outdoors or indoors, opt for dishes that allow guests to take pleasure in the sunlight. For instance, this refreshing fruit salad features all of the colors and textures associated with spring.

Some other easy-to-make Easter meals include hot cross buns, deviled eggs and a variety of side dishes sure to please your guests. You could even make a Peeps-house for the kids as an enjoyable activity and decorative piece for your table setting.

Other ideas for your table include a colorful centerpiece and platter of decorated cookies. Dollar stores usually carry single-color or plain white paper plates and cups at great prices, making it an economical way to save money. For an extra festive touch, add wide ribbon to Easter-themed table covers for added visual interest.

Desserts are a must-have on any Easter brunch menu, but can also be served during dinner. For this special occasion, consider serving some delectable treats like hot cross buns and pineapple upside-down cake.

For an extra special dessert or decoration, use your family’s colored hard-boiled eggs that were dyed for Easter as inspiration. Or, create a fun Peeps-house with adorable marshmallow birds that are popular during this time of year.